Guess Who? It’s the Grand Rapids Griffins, and they’re ready for ‘80s night

The Grand Rapid Griffins are getting in the ‘80s spirit ahead of their celebration of the decade on Friday night, releasing an ‘80s-themed hype video along with a commercial for an all Griffins version of board game ‘Guess Who?’

The AHL and ECHL pull things off that would never fly in the NHL, and that’s part of the fun of the minor leagues. Case in point, the Grand Rapids Griffins are hosting an ‘80s night, and they’ve gone to the trouble of making not one, but two videos to get fans excited.

The first video harkens back to a time when video editing was quite possibly at its absolute worst. Tacky sound fills (hipcheck!), weird overlays, a lot of in your face action, and way too much going on in one frame were all staples of the ‘80s. The Griffins’ hype video for their themed night will take you back to a time when Gretzky was still tearing up the NHL.

It would be wrong to admit the beat ends up getting a bit catchy after you’ve listened for a while, right? Right. Moving on.

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The second video might be even better, simply because it mixes the ’80s theme with a recreated version of one of the best and most fun games of that era, Guess Who? If you’ve never played or don’t recall the game, let the Griffins jog your memory.

There’s something suspicious about Landon Ferraro pulling his own card, but we’ll let it slide. At least neither player asked, “Does he play for the Grand Rapids Griffins?” That would have been a total waste of a turn.

Grand Rapids will host the Charlotte Checkers on Friday night when they celebrate all things ’80s.