Habs fan in Leafland

Kudos to Ken Campbell for his amazing work on “Habs Heroes, The Greatest Canadiens Ever From 1 to 100.” Only THN can tackle this topic with such class and fairness.

But it’s the introduction by Jason Kay that really struck a cord with me.

Jason says: “Most of us don’t choose the teams we support, they choose us.” Being a life-long Habs fan has sometimes been a little difficult here in Tim Horton’s hometown. My love for the Canadiens has been passed down to me from my father and family. I, in turn, have somehow passed this on to my two daughters.

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Last February, our town celebrated the grand opening of the new Tim Horton Event Center. Most people showed up wearing Leafs apparel. During the celebrations, one of my daughters took off her winter coat, exposing her Habs jersey and scarf; a proud speck of red in a sea of blue.

She didn’t do this to offend anyone. She wore her jersey because she loves her dad. It’s something we share.

She’s got her mom’s looks and my colors. Go figure! Thanks Jason.

Eric Langlois, Cochrane, Ont.