Habs off-season tough to watch from Leafland

As a Maple Leafs fan, I don’t really have any love for the Montreal Canadiens, but I find it difficult to watch what they’re doing this summer.

They’ve let go of their head and their heart, not re-signing either Alex Kovalev or Saku Koivu.

Kovalev is acknowledged as one of the most talented players in the NHL and has been dominant at times for Montreal. Letting him go may turn out to be a mistake.

Letting go of Koivu appears to be a definite mistake. He is the one Montreal player whom I have always liked and admired and I think fans of all teams would say as much. He has sacrificed himself over and over again for the good of the team and has been a fantastic captain and inspiring human being.

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The Montreal Canadiens will be drastically less talented without Kovalev and they will have no identity without Koivu who should be recognized by Canadiens fans for his tenacity, leadership and character, always in the face of adversity.

I will miss watching Koivu several times a year when the Canadiens and Leafs meet, but I wish him success in Anaheim.

Trevor Jones, London, Ont.