Hall for Eric

Why are people, such as Mike Milbury and half the sports media in Canada, so down on Eric Lindros?

They keep whining about what he did to Quebec and how injured he was during his career. What about Mario? At least Lindros had the decency to tell Quebec in advance that he wasn’t going to go there, so don’t draft him.

Mario just sat like a spoiled brat and wouldn’t go up to Pittsburgh’s table on draft day; plus he spent half his career sitting out with a bad back.

He may have two Stanley Cups, but that is a team effort, not just one player.

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Lindros, before his concussions, was one of the best hockey players in the world.

He was tough enough to fight guys like Bob Probert, could hit like Scott Stevens, and score like Lemieux.

I believe that before he was hurt, he was the most exciting player I have ever watched.

Yes, I watched Gretzky and he was exciting, but in a different way than Lindros, and I liked Lindros’s style.

He should definitely be in the Hall of Fame.

Les Randall, Pouce Coupe, B.C.