Happy 4/20; here are the best hockey jerseys for potheads

Today is a holiday of sorts for stoners and since we funnel everything through the prism of hockey, let’s take a look at some of the sweaters we believe marijuana fans should rock when they’re feelin’ nice.

Admittedly, I don’t smoke pot and I never have. But I listen to a
lot of music made by marijuana enthusiasts and since today is 4/20, I thought it would be fun to come up with the best hockey jerseys for potheads. We did have the idea of posting the article at 4:20 Eastern time, but then thought folks should have some time to read before the mythical hour was upon them. We also figured we shouldn’t post it in the morning because none of the target audience would be awake yet. So let’s get to it now.

5. Bjorkloven (Swe.) This Umea-based squad is known as the Birch Leaves, hence the green leaf logo that kinda resembles a chubby pot leaf. As an added bonus, the team has a supporters group called the Green Devils that has a lot of
fun merchandise that wouldn’t be out of place in a head shop.
4. Edmonton Oilers/Kevin Smith Acclaimed film director and stoner hero Kevin Smith has always put hockey up front in his films, starting with the rooftop game in his debut hit
Clerks. And while Smith has repped his home state New Jersey Devils in the past (not to mention the Toronto Maple Leafs and the CCCP), he has often rocked customized sweaters based on the classic Oilers blue and orange outfit:
3. Trail Smoke Eaters It’s right there in the name. And sure, you can quibble that the original Smoke Eaters – who won Canada the 1961 World Championship – got their name from their roots in a town known for smelting, but still.
2. Pittsburgh Penguins, circa 1992-93 By law, you’re not allowed to talk about marijuana without mentioned rapper Snoop Dogg, so this list has to include the black Penguins jersey that he wore in the seminal music video for
“Gin and Juice.” (link NSFW) According to interviews, Snoop Dogg’s stylist at the time thought hockey jerseys were really eye-catching, which explains why the Doggfather rocks not only this sweater, but an ultra-obscure AHL Springfield Indians jersey in dark, late-era Hartford Whalers colors that was only worn briefly by the franchise.
1. Philadelphia Blazers Dude, they were called the
Blazers! The WHA was so rebel.
Bernie Parent of the Philadelphia Blazers  (Photo by Melchior DiGiacomo/Getty Images)  
Bjorkloven and Trail photos from the THN archive, Kevin Smith by George Pimentel/Getty Images, Jaromir Jagr by Denis Brodeur/Getty Images, Bernie Parent photo by Melchior DiGiacomo/Getty Images