Heatley trade will be Sens downfall

Quick now, raise your hand anybody who remembers the four no-name players that the Montreal Expos got in return for all-star catcher Gary Carter back in 1986.  (You’re forgiven if you’ve never heard of Hubie Brooks, Mike Fitzgerald, Herm Winningham and Floyd Youmans.)

I’m afraid that in 10 years from now, Senators fans will be equally stumped if asked to name the players that Bryan Murray got in return for one-dimensional “Bad Apple” Dany Heatley. 

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The only trouble is that no one will care by then because the Ottawa Senators will probably be playing in “Next Big City, USA”. 

Just like “Nos Amours” were exported to Washington in 2005 to become a National disgrace.

This will happen unless someone (yes, you Mr. Melnyk) quickly smartens up and hires a competent GM to handle this “heated file” as well as the overall mess Ottawa now finds itself in.

Jean-Pierre Allard, Ottawa