High expectations leaves Canadiens feeling low

After reading the “Habs hurtin” article in the March 16 issue, I was wondering why the Habs, who often have good personnel, often under perform.

While I was thinking about this, it came to my mind that the Habs have not done much since their ’93 Cup run.

The reason for this is obvious to me: the excessive media coverage in Montreal.

Every year, the Montreal fan base expects their Habs to bring home the Cup and the players cannot possibly live up to those expectations. When the team doesn’t perform, the players are overly criticized and sometimes even booed.

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For example, take Patrice Brisebois. He’s been booed on home ice in Montreal because the expectations for him were way too high.

Another example of the exaggeration of player talents? Two years ago, I was listening to a Montreal radio station and they were talking about Guillaume Latendresse as if he was a superstar of Vincent Lecavalier caliber.

Latendresse cannot possibly live up to these fan expectations and that is why the team cannot perform in key situations, because of all the added pressure on the players.

Louis Lebel, Ottawa