High school hockey player dekes entire team to set up incredible goal

This may be the goal of the year, and it’s not because of the finish. Watch as 15-year-old Julian Kislin dekes out an entire team in crazy fashion to set up a nice goal. The spin move is incredible.

Julian Kislin was only credited with the primary assist on teammate Max Halvorsen’s goal, but he should probably get a secondary helped, and maybe a third just for good measure.

Kislin, a 15-year-old defenseman from New Jersey who plays high school hockey for Freehold Township, got the puck at center and put moves on not one, not two, not three, not four, but all five players from Middletown North. He then slid the puck over to Halvorsen, who finished the job.

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From time to time, an assist will be prettier than the goal, but that usually means the goal was nothing more than a tap in. But this assist is a work of art.

From the subtle stutter step and spinning, between-the-defender’s-legs moves in the neutral zone, to the quick outside-inside move that led to Kislin slipping the puck past a charging defender from Middletown, the entire sequence is a thing of beauty.