Hockey fight turns into beer-swigging hug fest

Two vicious rivals shocked the Federal League on Friday when a fight gave way to a big hug and a can of beer. See for yourself in the video.

I realize we’re late to the party on this one, but an awesome video is an awesome video.

Something bizarre happened in a Federal League game between the Danville Dashers and Dayton Demonz Friday, and I’m not just talking about the supernova of alliteration. The stakes were set for carnage as Danville’s Matt Puntureri and Dayton’s Jesse Felten dropped the gloves. It’s a four-team league and it was the final weekend of the regular season, with Dayton still in contention for first place overall, so tempers should have been running high. Especially when these teams are known to hate each other.

Instead, Puntureri and Felten…hugged. Then, Puntureri removed a beer from his pads, swigged it and raised it to honor the fans. I think it’s a pretty fun, lighthearted gesture, especially since the game was 4-0 in the third period. But if your vocabulary includes “beauty” or “celly,” you might want to avert your eyes:

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It was something refreshing from a league known for its goonery, in which the leading scorer has 190 penalty minutes to go along with his 96 points in 45 games. And if you’re pro-fisticuffs and think it made a mockery of fighting, I’ll take a page from those who troll the anti-fighting crowd and say: lighten up.

Maybe the FHL is going progressive? Its slogan, after all, is “Where the future begins.”

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