Hockey icon Gordie Howe feeling better despite suffering a third, smaller stroke

Red Wings legend Gordie Howe suffered a third, smaller stroke Saturday at his daughter’s home in Texas, but thanks to back medication, the 86-year-old Hall-of-Famer is “doing better”, according to his son, Mark.

All-time hockey great Gordie Howe suffered his third stroke in less than five weeks on Saturday – this one less severe than the two he suffered (one Oct. 26, and the second in early November) previously – but in a Sunday interview with the Detroit News, his son, Mark Howe, said the Red Wings icon is “feeling better” thanks to medication for his ailing back.

According to Mark Howe, the third stroke has left the 86-year-old Howe bound to a wheelchair at his daughter’s home in Lubbock, Texas, but an epidural shot for his back has allowed the Hockey Hall-of-Famer some degree of comfort and his famously gracious off-ice personality has returned.

“If you give him a chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies, he’ll give it back, because none of the women in the room have been given any yet,” Mark Howe said of his father, adding, “I am grateful he’s resting in less pain.”

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It was only a couple of weeks ago that things appeared to have taken a turn for the worse in regard to Gordie Howe’s health, but when an man his age who has dealt with dementia and significant back woes is taking the time to display his gentlemanly nature away from the rink by looking after others, it’s safe to say the man known as “Mr. Hockey” isn’t finished fighting just yet.