Hockey no place for gladiators

Kevin L. Simms, St. Anthony, Nfld.

I love to watch good, skilled, hard-played hockey and sincerely thank all players at all skill levels and from all parts of the globe who have provided me with such excellent entertainment over the years.

I thank all the owners, families, investors, trainers, coaches, officials, fans and media people who make it all possible.

But now there is something terrible happening; the bench-mark league is sanctioning on-ice things that would be criminal if practiced on a mall parking lot.

There should be no intentional contact to another person’s head, dangerous equipment should be banned, dangerous icing rules should be changed and goons such as Matt Cooke should be expelled.

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If I were paying someone to play hockey for me, I wouldn’t ask him to put himself at the mercy of criminals, nor would I keep rules in place that would potentially ruin his health and ability to make a living.

I would feel a responsibility to him and to the people who pay to watch him play hockey. Let the NHL change soon or else rent head office space in the Ancient Coliseum in Rome.