Hockey people making me hungry

It’s 11:30 Wednesday morning, I’m hungry and editor Edward Fraser is bugging me to submit my top 10 list before lunch.

It’s the dog days of hockey off-season and the ideas aren¹t so easy. So I let the stomach do the thinking this time.

Here are 10 hockey personalities who are making me hungry:

10. R.J. Umberger. With cheese and bacon please.

9. Per Djoos.
Something healthy to wash down the Umberger.

8. Dwayne Roloson. Either the chocolates, the ice cream or that heavenly dairy drink. I’m not fussy, they’re all good.

7. Steve Heinze. Nothing like that tasty condiment for the Umberger.

6. Scott Gruhl. Nothing fancy, just a big plate of slop will do.

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5. Don Koharski. There¹s no food play on the name here. It’s just every time I hear his name I think of doughnuts.

4. Steven Rice. Coconut flavored is my favorite.

3. Bob Beers.
Preferably a stout.

2. Jim Korn. I like the Taber variety better than Peaches and Cream.

1. Kari Takko.
Unlike this butterflying Finnish goalie, I like the new kind that stand up on their own. Stand ‘n Stuff they call them.

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