How do we feel about Swamp Rabbits?

ECHL’s Greenville franchise used to be the Road Warriors, but they’ve been rebranded now as the Swamp Rabbits. It’s certainly unique and has us pondering many light questions here in the office today.

You have to hand it to ECHL Greenville: they know how to get your attention. The city that was once home to the Grrrowl (official spelling) has now rebranded the New York Rangers-affiliated Road Warriors franchise as the Swamp Rabbits. How do we feel about this?

We went through a range of emotions here at THNHQ. First, incredulousness.
Who would want to play for a hockey team called the Swamp Rabbits? He has carrot for a stick! Second came curiosity.
Why are they called the Swamp Rabbits? The answer to that question is actually pretty interesting. According to the official
ECHL release, the ‘Swamp Rabbit’ was the nickname for a train on a rail line dating back to the 1920s that Greenville (South Carolina) locals used to get to picnic spots in the northern part of the county. The railroad line was originally supposed to go all the way to Tennessee coal country, but ran out of money. To this day, a Swamp Rabbit pedestrian bridge can be found in Greenville. So that’s cool. Can we expect a train-themed shoulder logo? I sure hope so (update: nope). Because the bunny holding a carrot hockey stick isn’t very intimidating. But then a third emotion took hold: acceptance.
Ehh, it’s a pretty good-looking logo and the carrot stick is kinda clever. I might not rock a Swamp Rabbits jersey, but a ball cap with that crest on it wouldn’t be out of the question. Well done, Swamp Rabbits. Well done. Here’s the full jersey, from the team’s twitter feed:

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