How the stats stack up between the regular season and post-season

We all know the regular season is but the protracted prelude to the real season. Ronnie Shuker takes a quick look-see at how they compare statistically in 2013-14.

Other than the palpable increase in intensity, how have the playoffs fared against the regular season? It’s a small sample size, but when it comes to statistics, thus far three things have shot up significantly: scoring, comebacks and overtimes.

For those who like their hockey sweetened with some packaged numbers, here are several for your number-crunching pleasure:

Goals Per Game

Regular Season: 5.34
Playoffs: 5.81

Shots Per Game
Regular Season: 30.4
Playoffs: 31.5

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Save Percentage
Regular Season: .914
Playoffs: .908

Power Play
Regular Season:  17.89%
Playoffs: 17.61%

Penalty Kill
Regular Season: 82.11%
Playoffs: 82.39%

Scoring First (Win Percentage)
Regular Season: 70%
Playoffs: 63%

Leading After First Period (Win Percentage)
Regular Season: 75%
Playoffs: 61%

Percentage of Overtime Games
Regular Season: 25%
Playoffs: 32%

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