Huberdeau or Schenn?

It's playoff hockey in a lot of fantasy leagues, but it's decision time in others. Who to keep? Let's get to some letters!

Hey Dobbs! In a keeper league how valuable is Jonathan Huberdeau as a prospect? I've got both Brayden Schenn and him, trying to decide whom to keep.
Chris, Toronto

Hey Chris, I would keep Huberdeau, hands down. He may not ever get there, but he absolutely has the ability to be a top 10 scorer in the NHL. Schenn doesn't have that kind of upside.

I'm in a one-year league. Goalies get points for wins, shutouts, and saves, and lose points for goals allowed. I'm in a bizarre situation in which I need at least one more goalie, if not two more, for the end of the year. The best goalies available in my (very very shallow) league are Antti Niemi, Ondrej Pavelec, James Reimer, Viktor Fasth, and Jonas Hiller. Which of them (if any) does it make the most sense to pick up?
Randy, Saskatoon, Sask.

I would steer clear of the Anaheim situation, as it seems starts will be split down the stretch. As for which of the other three to go with, I would guess that Niemi is the safest, but in your situation I would consider Reimer and hope for a hot Toronto finish. Because it really does come down to the team in the final eight or nine games – a team that's on fire will also provide strong goalie numbers. And with all three fighting for their playoff lives, I wouldn't be surprised to see as many as six wins for one of these goaltenders.

I'm in a keeper league (Pts, +/-) where your top 9 forwards, top 6 d and top goalie count. My question is about Brent Burns. He is a defenseman that is playing on the top line with Thornton and Couture. He's played 9 of 16 games at forward this year. At what point does he become a “forward”?
Chad, Calgary

In a league such as this one, the positions need to be established before the season starts – and then held to, throughout. So in my opinion, Burns remains a defenseman in your league settings until next season. That's the advantage of owning Burns – he gives you forward points yet fills a defenseman position.

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In a keeper league – Jake Allen, Petr Mrazek or Robin Lehner?
“Franky” (via Twitter)

Lehner for sure. The guy is going to be a stud and although Craig Anderson is in the way next year, the other two have veteran goalies in the way as well. Lehner is the closest of the three to a sure thing.

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