Ilya Bryzgalov in Las Vegas? Yes please

Could the former Flyers goalie be taking his talents to Sin City? Pretty much everybody would love to see that.

The ECHL’s Las Vegas Wranglers and their president, Billy Johnson, aren’t shy of quirky minor league promotions. They’ve had a
Rod Blagojevich Prison Uniform Night, they’ve worn
bare-chest jerseys and hosted an
Indoor Winter Classic this past January, spoofing the outdoor event the NHL cancelled because of the lockout. But their latest attention-grabber, if it comes true, may be the most huge-mungous of all.
As Darren Dreger reported on Twitter:

Working on confirming or debunking, but, word in Philly is Bryzgalov is about to sign an East Coast Hockey League contract in Las Vegas. — Darren Dreger (@DarrenDreger)
October 3, 2013

Ilya Bryzgalov on the Vegas Strip? I’m looking out for his version of the
famous Evander Kane photo. The former, misunderstood Flyer – bought out for $23 million – has been a free agent since June, but hasn’t got much love. Among those rumored to have had some interest were Vladivostok, a KHL expansion team in Russia’s Far East, and the Florida Panthers, the NHL’s version of Russia’s Far East. But the Panthers chose a goalie coming out of retirement, rather than a space cadet – and Bryzgalov’s last tenure in the KHL was cut short,
due to curious reasons. So maybe Bryzgalov is considering Las Vegas because it was his only choice. But maybe he’s considering it because he sees a bigger picture. Take it away Bryz. The NHL misses you and the ECHL would be lucky to have you.

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