In scene out of ‘Slap Shot,’ Preds radio guy takes puck in the head

There’s a reason why, before each game, the in-house announcer tells fans to keep their eye on the puck. Nashville Predators radio broadcaster Willy Daunic turned his back to the ice, and caught a puck squarely in the top of the head. Ouch.

In the classic hockey movie Slap Shot, there’s a scene where the team starts turning exceptionally dirty, unleashes the Hanson Brothers, and no one is safe. Even the organist takes a puck in the head after it leaves the playing surface.

While it’s not exactly the same thing – Predators broadcaster Willy Daunic was rinkside, not up in the booth – there’s something about watching him get hit in the head with a puck that you just can’t help but kind of laugh at.

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Maybe it’s the three different speeds it’s shown at, maybe it’s his reaction afterwards, maybe it’s even the sound the puck makes as it hits Daunic in the head, but for some reason the video is worth a chuckle.

Not to worry, however, as Daunic was all right and called the radio broadcast of Nashville’s game on Tuesday night against the St. Louis Blues. That’s some Slap Shot-esque toughness.