In The Cards: Looking back on Orr’s Blackhawk days

One of the biggest free agent deals of all-time happened when Bobby Orr became a Chicago Blackhawk in June 1976. But because the trading card companies didn’t have a photo of Orr in Chicago, they painted over his Bruins jersey to make it appear as if he was skating as a Blackhawk.

One of the biggest free agent deals took place when the Chicago Blackhawks signed Bobby Orr away from the Boston Bruins in June 1976. Orr’s time in Chicago was a forgettable end to his legacy, which also resulted in two terrible hockey cards. For their 1976-77 sets, Topps and O-Pee-Chee — not yet possessing a photo of Orr with Chicago — awkwardly painted a ‘Hawks uniform onto a picture of the superstar, complete with a doctored logo. Despite the injury-plagued Orr playing 20 games that season, the card companies didn’t bother getting an up-to-date picture, and again painted ‘Hawks colors on Orr’s photo for their 1977-78 sets. It was almost convincing, too, until you notice that he’s sitting on the bench next to a Bruins player.

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