In The Cards: The infamous counterfeit Gretzky Racers card

When hockey cards exploded and became an investment commodity, Wayne Gretzky cards were one of the most counterfeited. One rare counterfeit showed Gretzky as a member of the WHA’s Indianapolis Racers — his first professional team — and wearing the No. 7 jersey.

When hockey cards exploded in popularity in 1990, evolving from childhood collectible to adult investment commodity, many expensive cards – including Wayne Gretzky’s rookie card from 1979-80 – were counterfeited. However, another fake Gretzky card of unknown origin also surfaced, showing him as a member of the Indianapolis Racers, Gretzky’s first professional team in 1978. The card doesn’t have a copyright date on the back, but it’s similar in quality to cards from the early 1990s. Look closely, and you’ll notice No. 7 on Gretzky’s right sleeve, as a jersey with his usual No. 99 wasn’t yet ready.

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