In The Cards: Topps series documents the NHL’s lost season

The lockout may have claimed the 2004-05 campaign, but that didn’t stop Topps from making a card to commemorate the NHL’s lost season. The lockout card ended up being the end of an era for the longtime card manufacturer.

Commissioner Gary Bettman officially cancelled all of the 2004-05 NHL season on Feb. 16, 2005. Trading card company Topps issued a card of the cancellation a week later as a part of its Topps Chronicles set, which documented significant events in sports, politics and entertainment throughout the year. And this was quite significant. The aborted 2004-05 season is the first time a major pro sports league has called off an entire season due to a labor dispute. The not-so-subtle card shows an NHL-logoed padlock and chains superimposed in front of an empty Madison Square Garden. For Topps, a manufacturer of hockey cards since 1954, this was the last hockey card it ever made.

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