In The Cards: Wayne Gretzky strikes a pose in support of soccer

In this installment of In The Cards, THN’s memorabilia expert, Sal Barry, looks back on a couple cards that took The Great One off the ice and onto the pitch.

Twenty years ago, Wayne Gretzky helped promote…soccer cards? The Great One became a spokesman for the Upper Deck trading card company during the 1990s. That didn’t just limit him to promoting hockey cards, though.

Hoping to make soccer cards appeal to a wider audience, Upper Deck pictured Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Reggie Jackson and Gretzky on different trading cards inserted into their 1994 World Cup Soccer sets. One card has Gretzky sporting a World Cup USA ’94 sweater, while the other shows him ready to take the opening kick-off.
Sal Barry is the webmaster of the hockey card site