Infamous former hockey coach Graham James facing new sex assault charges

Former major junior coach Graham James, who served more than three years in prison for sexually abusing a number of former players including former NHLers Theoren Fleury and Sheldon Kennedy, is facing sexual assault charges in Saskatchewan from another former player who has made new allegations.

Former high-profile hockey coach Graham James, who sexually abused a number of Western League players in the 1980s and 1990s, is facing a new criminal charge from a former Swift Current Broncos player alleging he was sexually assaulted a quarter-century ago.

The 63-year-old James, who served three-and-a-half-years in Canadian federal prison for sexually abusing former Swift Current Broncos players Sheldon Kennedy, Todd Holt, and another unidentified victim, and who also abused former NHLer Theoren Fleury, stands charged in a Saskatchewan court with repeated acts of sexual assault under Section 271, Subsection 1, Paragraph (A) of Canada’s Criminal Code. An attorney for James appeared via phone in a Saskatchewan court Monday in regard to the charge, which originated from a complaint made by another former Broncos player to Swift Current police in September of 2013.

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The new charges refer to assaults alleged to have been committed by James between 1990 and 1991, when he was the head coach of the Broncos and the victim was a player on his team.

A publication ban protecting the identity of the most recent victim was put in place by the court, and the case was adjourned until June 19.