Intermission mites scrimmage turns into line brawl at AHL game

A scrimmage between young players turned into a line brawl before the two teams could finish their game. The Ontario Eagles youngsters were sent off the ice after mixing it up during second intermission of an Ontario Reign AHL game.

Anyone who has been to a live hockey game in the past several years — be it NHL, minor leagues or major junior — has had the intermission enjoyment of a dozen or so young players ripping around the ice for fan enjoyment. The mites games are easily one of the most enjoyable forms of fan entertainment during intermission.

On the list of things you’d expect to see in a game between first- and second-year players might be straight-legged skating, a few slips and falls and maybe even one little speedster who can outpace the rest of the group. What you don’t expect to see, though, is a line brawl.

However, fans taking in a recent Ontario Reign AHL contest saw just that: eight young players dropping the mitts and throwing fists at each other. Take a look at the 3:10 mark of the video below:

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It’s impossible to say what exactly sparked the incident between teammates on the Ontario Eagles, but mayhem broke loose late in the mites game with the on-ice coaching staff and support staff having to break up the “brawl.”

That’s a big move by Bailey, the Los Angeles Kings mascot, to step in and drag one youngster out of the pile. It’s funny to watch him emphatically send the players off the ice, too. We’re glad no one got hurt, and now we know to keep a watchful eye on the next mites game that happens during an intermission.

(Video via Andrew Miller)