Jason Demers introduces himself to Stars by levelling Kings’ Stoll with huge hit

Jason Demers made his debut with the Dallas Stars on Saturday night, and made a serious impact early. Watch as he sends Kings’ center Jarret Stoll flying with a gorgeous hip check.

There’s a lot that comes with getting traded. For instance, there are unfamiliar surroundings, changed expectations, a different role, and new teammates.

Jason Demers may still be getting used to being in Dallas, but he certainly ingratiated himself to his teammates in his first game with the Stars. With less than five minutes gone in the first period, Los Angeles Kings center Jarret Stoll had to look back to catch a pass when Demers caught him with a nasty hip check:

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The hit was shades of recent Hall of Fame inductee Rob Blake.

Demers and the Stars had a good first period as a group. After one period, they were out to a 3-0 lead over the visiting Kings.