Jets’ Connor Hellebuyck pays tribute to Dan Snyder with mask design

Connor Hellebuyck will have a Dan Snyder tribute patch stitched inside his jersey after switching to No. 37 with the blessing of Snyder’s family, but Hellebuyck’s homage carries over to his mask.

No one in the Winnipeg Jets organization, formerly known as the Atlanta Thrashers, has worn the No. 37. since Dan Snyder’s tragic death in 2003. That’s set to change this season with Jets goaltender Connor Hellebuyck, however.

It’s no small thing for Hellebuyck to be pulling on the No. 37 this campaign, though, and the netminder seems to be taking the responsibility of paying tribute to Snyder to heart. Before changing his number, Hellebuyck received permission from Snyder’s family to change to their late son’s number and Hellebuyck be wearing a patch on the inside of his jersey to honor Snyder. But Hellebuyck wanted to take his tribute a step further.

Hellebuyck is expanding his tribute and thank you to Snyder and his family, and EyeCandyAir’s Steve Nash and the Winnipeg Jets unveiled Hellebuyck’s mask for the upcoming season, which features a tribute to Snyder and a bold thank you for allowing Hellebuyck to wear the number. Check it out:

The tribute to Snyder is on the crown of the mask, with one image of the former Thrashers winger staring into the distance and another of him celebrating with his arms in the air. The tribute is touching, especially the close up Snyder’s face, and it’s a nice touch by Hellebuyck. On the back panel is where Hellebuyck says thank you, with a big, bold ‘Thanks Dan Snyder & Family’ along the base.


Even without the homage to Snyder, the mask itself would be exceptional. The arctic landscape is an interesting design, and it has some nice touches, including the silhouetted moose and pond hockey players. Snowflakes can also be seen all across the mask, and the Jet design in the trim is well placed to break up the panels.

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