Jimmy Fallon is back with Tonight Show Superlatives, calls Joe Thornton a library puppeteer

Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Superlatives segment took aim at players in the second round of the playoffs, and it was the San Jose Sharks who took the brunt of the jokes.

The Tonight Show has been a common place for the Stanley Cup champions to visit post-playoffs, but if host Jimmy Fallon is hoping to have the champions on his show, he best hope the San Jose either fail to win the franchise’s first Cup or that the Sharks players have good senses of humor.

Fallon has had a running gag on his iteration of the Tonight Show that takes the head shots of athletes — and picture day usually produces some dandies across the four major sports — and combines them with yearbook-style superlatives. All told, Sharks players ended up having the biggest share of the segment. Fallon’s writers didn’t take it easy on the group, either, and there’s no “Most Likely To Succeed” here.

If you’ve seen the segment before, you know what to expect. If this is your first time catching it, enjoy:

The comparison of St. Louis defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk to Andy Kaufman is hilarious, as is the photo of Predators backup goaltender Carter Hutton, who, yes, actually looks like that in his bio. But one of the best superlatives by far is the one given to San Jose center Joe Thornton, who Fallon says is, “most likely to be a puppeteer at a local library.” Fallon barely being able to get the joke out is great, but it works even better considering Thornton’s past commercial spots with the Sharks.

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You may recall that years ago, before Thornton had his massive beard, there were several commercials starring ‘Jumbo’ as an awful ventriloquist. The spots with Thornton and his dummy, Slappy, were ridiculous.

For those scoring at home, the Sharks led the charge with four players, while the Capitals and Lightning each had two make their way into the bit. There was also one player from each of the Predators, Blues and Stars.