Jimmy Fallon’s NHL Awards: Zdeno Chara most likely to be two humans sewn together

On Wednesday night, The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon handed out some NHL Awards and had BRuins and Penguins players in his crosshairs. Check out the segment and let us know what you think.

On The Tonight Show Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon dipped his toe into the NHL’s frozen pond with his humorous NHL Playoff Awards. He’s done this before in 2013 and even focused on the Bruins before, though he’s destroyed the pronunciation of so many of these names.

Last night, the Bruins and Penguins were in the crosshairs and it was a pretty good segment which, naturally, compared Zdeno Chara to Frankenstein-type monster. There is no other comparison for the towering Bruins defender.

But Matt Niskanan and Simon Despres got the worst of it, especially the former, who is in the middle of a heated Stanley Cup playoff series. If Niskanen doesn’t receive trash talk related to this joke in Game 4 – and onwards – it would be the most surprising development of the Stanley Cup playoffs. And now anytime he dumps it in, we have to wonder if Niskanen was actually trying to shoot it on net.

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Here’s the segment:

Fallon’s hockey theme went beyond just that superlatives segment. Later on, he combined beer pong with air hockey and played with guest David Duchovny.

Looks like a new game for the Christmas holidays to me.

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