John Scott sure to be suspended for violent knockout of Tim Jackman

During the second period of Monday’s game against the Anaheim Ducks, towering San Jose Sharks winger John Scott knocked Tim Jackman out cold with a violent backhanded punch. Jackman left the game and did not return.

San Jose Sharks winger John Scott is going to be opening a shiny new suspension for the holidays.

During Monday night’s game against the Anaheim Ducks, after Ducks goaltender Frederik Andersen had frozen the puck, Scott came together with Anaheim winger Tim Jackman. Scott then wheeled around with his fist and caught Jackman right on the chin with a punch that knocked the 33-year-old Duck out cold.

Scott and Jackman have mixed it a couple times already this season and this is the exact type of thing the NHL is likely concerned about happening when two tough guys take each other on. Scott likely saw Jackman, thought it was time to fight, threw a backhanded punch, and knocked Jackman out.

For Scott, it won’t be a matter of if he is suspended, but rather how many games he’ll be sitting for.

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Shockingly, Scott has only been suspended twice – once for a headshot on Bruins winger Loui Eriksson, a seven-game suspension, and once earlier this season for leaving the bench to take part in a fight. Not coincidentally, Jackman was Scott’s opponent in the fight he left the bench for.

The likelihood of Scott’s punch resulting in a face-to-face hearing with the Department of Player Safety, a sure-fire sign he’ll be sitting for five or more games, is pretty high. The league stands a chance at making an example of the type of play they won’t tolerate, and you can be sure they won’t hesitate to hand down something big.