John Scott tries to show NHL skill, fails, Bruins score

The Sabres enforcer isn’t exactly known for his stick handling, so he picked and odd time to try and get fancy in Wednesday’s game. And when it backfired, the Bruins pounced.

John Scott gets called a lot of things.

Some say he’s a goon. Some say he’s a caveman. Some call him a suspension waiting to happen.

But one thing John Scott is never called is an NHL-caliber hockey player.

In Buffalo’s second game back from the Olympic break Wednesday night, they hosted the Boston Bruins in a high scoring affair. With Buffalo leading 3-2 late in the second period, Scott got the puck in his own zone with time to look and with an out behind the net.

But that’s when John Scott tried to show off some NHL skills.

And that’s when John Scott failed.

He may have thought about shooting it around behind the net. He may also have worried about shooting it on the net in the process. He has his limits.

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The game ended up going to overtime and the Sabres won on a Matt D’Agostini backhander 22 seconds into the period. Scott picked up two penalty minutes in 7:16 of ice – the third-lowest total in the game – and really, err, took up space out there.

So my poll to you on this post is: “At which position is John Scott more of a liability?”
A. Forward
B. Defense

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