Joke’s on you

Megan Barbato, Montreal

First off, Curtis Crawford’s letter in the Nov. 22nd edition is extremely degrading and demeaning to all women and young girls.

I am disgusted and ashamed a Canadian wrote that. Hockey is loved by our nation, including men and women. The Hockey Hall of Fame is there to honor those who have excelled at the game on any standard and any level. Yes, the men are bigger and faster, but it is their job, not just something they do on the side.

These women play the game for their passion. Not to mention men are just bigger, genetically speaking.

I cannot believe he said women’s skills are a joke. I would love to see him play against any women’s team. See how much of a joke it is.

He shot his mouth off without having any real reasons that a woman should not be inducted. I think it is amazing that women are being inducted into the HHOF. For the little girls who go there (shocking, yes, little girls love to play, get with the times) they have someone to idolize and look up to.

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Cammi Granato’s story during inductions about her brothers living their dreams and her not being able to was touching. Funny how she got inducted and her brother was not.

Also, maybe they have to play midget boy’s teams because there is nobody for them to play? How is it their fault that women’s sports are still being looked down on? Oh right, it’s not. That’s up to the people of our nation, like Curtis Crawford.

Lastly, I’m so ashamed THN actually published that letter. It obviously would only spark controversy and anger.

Ironic, it came the same day of my renewal papers. I can assure you, I am not re-subscribing.