Jonas Hiller’s new Flames Retro Night mask is a thing of beauty

Jonas Hiller has gone with the matte black mask for a while, but his Retro Night mask changes things up. The beautiful new helmet pops with the vintage red and yellow of the Flames, and he’s got a nice set of pads to match. Check out Hiller’s entire Retro Night gear.

Calgary Flames netminder
Jonas Hiller has long been one of the NHL’s most stylish goaltenders. His matte black masks in Anaheim and Calgary, fit with gold cages, were unique and something that hadn’t been seen before. Now, for the Flames’ retro night on March 19, Hiller has a new, beautiful mask to showcase. The mask, a mixture of the deep yellow and red that pop on Calgary’s throwback uniforms, includes a “stitched on” Flames logo, the matte paint job that Hiller has made popular and his signature gold cage. There are also a lot of smaller details that you might not catch at first glance. FlamesTV host Kristin Hallett caught up with Hiller to ask him about what went into the design, why he chose it and his other retro night gear, including a slick set of pads:

What Hiller doesn’t mention, however, is the amount of fine detail put into the front of the mask. Every single bar of color appears has the appearance of stitching as a border, making the mask appear as if it is almost made of dyed leather. In the bottom bar, there are also smaller Flames logos bar. The uneven nature of the logos in that yellow strip adds to the handmade look of the mask. It’s interesting, too, to hear Hiller talk about the personal nature of the back panel. While it’s common for goaltenders to add a something intimate to a mask, it’s interesting to hear that Hiller went with his zodiac sign. Then there’s the matter of Hiller’s gear for retro night against Philadelphia. Take a look:
Hiller full equipment retro
Hiller Pads Retro Night Hallett’s not wrong in saying this might be the brightest Hiller has even been on the ice, but it’s a welcome change because the entire set is beautiful. We agree with Hiller; if Calgary wants to wear these jerseys more often, we wouldn’t complain.

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