Jonathan Quick vs. Ryan Miller: Which Olympic mask is better?

Jonathan Quick’s Olympic mask design was revealed today, two days after Ryan Miller’s was. So, which American Olympian will have the better look in Sochi?

Jonathan Quick’s Olympic goalie mask was unveiled today and it is one slick, good-looking design. Steve Nash of
EyeCandyAir, designer of the helmet, revealed the design Wednesday. What do you think? (EDITOR’S NOTE: The back plate of the helmet will be revealed at a later date)

It’s still not clear who will start for the Americans in Sochi, but it is clear what they’ll be wearing. While Quick’s design is more simple, slick and serious, Miller’s –
which was unveiled earlier this week – is more colorful and personal. Two completely different designs for two goalies completely different in style and substance. So which American goalie mask do you like better? Miller’s or Quick’s
Ryan Miller
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