Jonathan Toews is Captain Serious, but he’s expanding his role to become NHL’s Mr. Manners

Hawks captain Jonathan Toews is known as Captain Serious for his no-joking approach to the game, but in a lighthearted new video, he pokes fun at that image while promoting proper etiquette when you’re attending an NHL game in-person.

Chicago Blackhawks star center Jonathan Toews is deadly serious about hockey – and in a new, lighthearted public service announcement video released by the Hawks Tuesday, he reveals how seriously he treats proper etiquette when it comes to fans visiting the bathroom when they’re attending an NHL game.

Playing off his well-earned reputation as the NHL’s straightest of straight men, the 26-year-old Toews jokingly admonishes fans who choose to leave their seats for the bathroom when the action is going on:

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As it often goes with these types of videos, it’s the subtle moments that are the funniest – and Toews’ parting “I’m-watching-you” gesture to the camera, combined with a nod to NBC’s “The More You Know” PSAs, makes this one a winner. Please, NHL teams, more of these.