Jordan Nolan suspended one game because NHL doesn’t mind bush league sucker-punches

The NHL decided to suspend Jordan Nolan one game for his cheap shot on Jesse Joensuu. It’s on par with the NHL suspension standard, which is a bit of a joke in the first place.

The NHL has ruled that Los Angeles’ Jordan Nolan will be suspended one game for his sucker punch on Edmonton’s Jesse Joensuu Sunday night.

Here is the explanation of the suspension from Patrick Burke:

As usual with NHL suspensions, the length is par for the brief standards that have been established in supplemental discipline. And, as usual in NHL suspensions, it’s inexplicable, inexcusable and a garbage bush league play that needs to be met with a harsher ruling.

I mean, give me a break. As Burke mentions in the video, Joensuu’s arms are being held by the linesman. The two officials had broken up the scrum and Nolan had even turned his head away. In no way is this the linesman’s fault, as they did their job to separate the players and quiet the situation. This is on Nolan to take responsibility, because the officials can’t always stop stupid.

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So he gets a game. Big whoop. In the playoffs it’s almost a guarantee it would have been nothing.

So, what has the NHL learned from the Aaron Ward/Scott Hartnell incident?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

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