Julius Hudacek, hilarious SHL goaltender, dispenses Christmas cheer after win

Julius Hudacek isn’t just one of the most entertaining players in the SHL, the Slovakian netminder is one the most fun to watch in the entire world, during and after the game. HudaClaus came out to spread some holiday cheer after a recent victory.

If you haven’t seen SHL goaltender Julius Hudacek yet, you’ve been missing out.

Known for his incredible post-win celebrations, which have included everything from “ice fishing” to trying to ride his goal stick like a surfboard, Hudacek has become a fan favorite for his on-ice ability and his postgame entertainment. For the holiday season, HudaClaus came out and delivered a victory, and some gifts, to the Orebro faithful.

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Just a day after Christmas, Hudacek came out decked out in Santa Claus outfit and handed out a few gifts to the crowd. That’s defenseman Joonas Jalvanti pulling Hudacek’s sled and playing the role of Rudolph.

While the NHL may not have any player who has this much fun with the fans, at least they boast one very interesting goaltender.