Junior team set to host wacky “Political Loser Night”

The USHL’s Waterloo Black Hawks have come up with a cheeky way to celebrate the American mid-term elections. See how local Iowa hockey fans can cash in on failure.

Politics are serious business in Iowa and this year’s mid-term elections are no exception. An estimated $85 million was spent in the state for the senate race alone, most of it from outside groups. It’s been a nasty atmosphere for campaigning and even featured one candidate who bragged about her hog castrating skills.

But the United States League’s Waterloo Black Hawks are hoping to bring folks together with “Political Loser Night.”

For this Friday’s game against the Madison Capitols, fans can get a dollar off their tickets by bringing a piece of junk mail from a losing candidate, or three dollars off with a lawn sign. The losing politicians themselves can get in for free (limit of two tickets, because if anyone would take advantage of a freebie, it would probably be a politician, no?).

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“With the tone of this year’s election getting ever more negative, the Black Hawks want to remind people that America is a really great place, and despite what the ads say, the country is not going to fall apart if the candidate you vote for doesn’t win,” said Black Hawks Vice President Mike Falk in a press release. “Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or independent, we want you to be part of our party.”