Jury in civil suit awards Semyon Varlamov $126,000 in damages

A jury in Denver awarded Avalanche goaltender Semyon Varlamov $126,000 in damages to cover legal fees following a civil trial. The civil suit was brought against Varlamov in October 2014 after domestic violence charges against him were dropped.

Colorado Avalanche netminder Semyon Varlamov has been awarded $126,000 in damages by a jury following a trial in Denver District Court.

The civil suit was brought against Varlamov in October 2014 by his ex-girlfriend Evgeniya Vavrinyuk after domestic violence charges against the goaltender were dropped.

As part of the suit, Vavrinyuk alleged that Varlamov had “kicked, pummeled and dragged her by her hair following a Halloween party with the team in 2013,” according to The Denver Post. She also stated that Varlamov had abused her previously.

According to The Denver Post’s Tom McGhee, a jury consisting of four men and three women deliberated for six hours Tuesday following the closing of the trial before delivering a verdict that Varlamov was not guilty of assault or battery. The damages were awarded to pay for Varlamov’s legal fees, but Vavrinyuk’s lawyer, Olaf Muller, said his client would be appealing the decision.

Varlamov’s lawyer, Laura Menninger, said that photos of Vavrinyuk did “not reflect the brutal attack she says happened,” per The Denver Post. The Post also reported Menninger said Vavrinyuk was also seeking $1 million in the civil suit which would then be split with her lawyer. Menninger claimed Vavrinyuk had also told a friend she had started the fight, per The Denver Post.

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Members of the Avalanche testified in the trial, including coach Patrick Roy, who told The Denver Post’s Terry Frei early Tuesday that the team supports Varlamov.

Due to the civil suit, Varlamov has not played since Jan. 23, missing the past two games for the Avalanche. He was back in the lineup Tuesday, but did not get the start against the Chicago Blackhawks. Roy said the Avalanche “don’t feel the pressure to put him in the net until he’s ready to play,” because of how backup Calvin Pickard has been playing with Varlamov out of the lineup.