Justin Williams, Alec Martinez make a margarita in the Stanley Cup on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Stanley Cup has seen a lot of adventures in its day, but you can’t do just anything with it anymore. You can’t use it as a bongo or spray paint it black. But you can make a huge margarita in it.

The Stanley Cup has been through a lot of adventures in its lifetime. It’s been left on the curb at the side of the road. It’s been kicked, dented and tossed into a pool. It’s been pooped in. It’s been used for a baptism. It’s been left behind at a photographer’s house – and then used as a flower pot. It’s been used as a horse’s feed bag. Steve Yzerman showered with it, Doug Weight’s family ate an ice cream sundae out of it.

But you can’t do just anything with the Stanley Cup. The days of the Montreal Wanderers and Ottawa Silver Seven are long gone.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night, Los Angeles Kings Alec Martinez and Justin Williams showed up with the Cup and its keeper, Phil Pritchard. Kimmel asked about using the Cup as a bongo and painting it black to honor the Kings. You can’t do that.

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But what you can do – and this is probably one of the more common things to do with it – is make an alcoholic beverage in it. And that’s just what Kimmel and the Kings did. They made a huge margarita in the Cup and drank it.

What would you do with – or what would you drink out of – the Cup?

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