Keep your opinion to yourself

I would like to share my disappointment of NBC and their coverage of the Capitals-Rangers Game 6

With the exception of Mike Emrick, every other announcer was there as a Rangers fan, not as a professional announcer.

Their job is to announce the game unbiased and they did not even come close.

The Caps won 5-3, completely dominated the game and deserved a lot of credit, but fans watching only heard, “how fortunate the bounces were for Washington” or “what the Rangers need to do to come back.”

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With Alex Ovechkin on the ice in a nationally-televised game, they alienated a large fan base and not just in Washington.

I know New York is a large market, but I would bet Ovie’s following is even larger. Not a good way to get higher ratings in the future.

David Lawlor, Indian Head, Md.