KHL player makes insane two-zone lob pass for breakaway goal

In the KHL on Thursday, defenseman Dmitry Meleshko made an absolutely insane lob pass that landed perfectly in the hands of a waiting teammate for a breakaway goal. This is backyard hockey type stuff.

In football, the Hail Mary is a set play in which the quarterback throws a deep pass just hoping, dreaming, that one of his players will come down with the ball. In a way, you could call Dmitry Meleshko’s lob pass a Hail Mary of sorts.

On Thursday, as Meleshko’s Dynamo Minsk took on Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, he picked up a loose puck in front of his own goal, wheeled into the right wing faceoff circle, saw a streaking Olexander Materukhin, and put a perfect lob pass right into his teammates hand. It’s the kind of play you’d use in a game of shinny:

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You can’t help but love this play, especially with the way Materukhin accepts the pass, drops the puck in front of him, and carries on. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt Materukhin made no mistake, burying the breakaway.

It was Materukhin’s eighth goal of the season, and it’s hard to believe it will be one forget. As for Meleshko, his seventh assist of 2014-15 was one for the ages.