Knee injury leaves Flyers defenseman Derian Hatcher’s career in jeopardy

Flyers blueliner Derian Hatcher will begin the year on injured reserve and not be on the ice when training camp begins Saturday.

“Derian’s injury situation is something that has been talked about quite a bit this summer. He has been seen by our team doctors a number of times,” said GM Paul Holmgren in a statement. Today, we are announcing that Derian will not be a player for the start of the season. He will be on the injured reserve list. Due to the class and character of Derian, we believe that it is important to continue to let Derian try to make his way back and we will give him as much time as he feels necessary to make a decision,
if in fact, a decision is coming in terms of retirement. As of right now he still wants to play. Presently, our doctors don’t believe he can.”

Hatcher played in just 44 games with the Flyers in 2007-08, scoring two goals and seven points.

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“It’s tough,” said Hatcher. “Basically, the doctors are saying that for me to try and play isn’t fair to my body and it isn’t fair to me. They are afraid that I will end up hurting something else like blowing out my hip, or something like that. But, we’ll see. I’ve talked to Paul numerous times this summer and I’ve talked to him in the past few days. We both agree that I should be placed on IR and see what happens.”

There is a possiblity Hatcher could stay with the Flyers in a coaching role if he is forced to retire.

“(Holmgren) brought that up to me yesterday kind of out of the blue,” said Hatcher. “I don’t think there is any question about it,  but down the road I would definitely like to stay in hockey.  I think at one point I wasn’t sure but now that I have a little bit of time to think about it, I am definitely interested in remaining in hockey.”