Leaked images show neon All-Star jerseys could be on the horizon

An accidental leak from a sporting goods website may have given us an early look at the NHL’s All-Star jerseys. Black, silver, white, with an ever-so surprising burst of neon-green, the new style jersey is unlike anything in All-Star Game history.

NHL fans haven’t seen an All-Star game since 2012, but when this year’s edition of the scrimmage takes place in Columbus, it might be unlike anything fans have seen before. According to a few leaks currently making the rounds, the All-Star jerseys will take a step away from the more traditional looks of recent years and go with a full-on neon and silver motif. The jerseys, which you can see below, were shown on the website of
sporting goods manufacturer WinCraft:

ASG Jerseys Icethetics, the go-to source for information on NHL jerseys and logos, had actually spotted the potential for the neon green
back in July when the Reebok NHL Spring 2015 catalog leaked online. The images from the catalog appear to be almost identical to the leaked images, which means we’re well on our way to a very bright All-Star game. If these do happen to be the All-Star jerseys, which it’s hard to believe they won’t be with all the signs pointing to these threads being worn during the festivities, it will be the first time the jerseys feature a neon color. It will also be the first time the look has changed since 2011. Maybe the most interesting thing about the use of neon is that the only place it can be found in the NHL’s history is in the Blue Jackets first logo. The color, which Columbus referred to as electric green, was a fixture of the team’s original logo.

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