Let the Coyotes stay

If Jim Balsillie gets his way and moves the Coyotes to Hamilton, is there any doubt the fans will come?

Come on, it’s Canada – you could put a team in someone’s backyard and it will be popular there!

That is exactly why the team should stay in Phoenix! The NHL makes it’s money through the U.S. TV market, not Canada’s. If a team moves to Hamilton, does the NHL gain more viewers or fans? The answer is no!

The great Canadian fans are already watching the NHL. Why do you think the NHL puts teams in markets like Florida, Nashville and Arizona? It’s not because they are hotbeds for hockey, it is to expand the fan base in the U.S.

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If the Coyotes move, the NHL loses the southwestern portion of the U.S. TV market. Hockey is the best sport in the world; give it a chance to be accepted in these non-traditional markets.

Canada, you have had the sport for more than a hundred years, Arizona has had it for 10.

Would the NBA’s Clippers do well in Moose Jaw?

Michael Crosher, Brunswick, Ohio