Liambas deserves second chance

Glen Cuthbert, Hamilton, Ont.

Michael Liambas deserves a second chance.

Although he will always be remembered for his cheap shot on Ben Fanelli, he still should get his shot.

Todd Bertuzzi got a second chance and so did Marty McSorley. If those players, whose actions were definitely more deliberate, can get a second chance, then why can’t Michael Liambas?

He has served his penance for his actions. A bad decision and a freak accident should not prevent a player from pursuing his dream.

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Kudos to Brian Burke for letting him do just that.

Second chances, however, are not free passes. Liambas should be forewarned that should he mess up again, there will probably not be a third chance.

Best of luck to Liambas and I hope that he is more careful in the future.