Lockout and lose a fan

Nick Boukas, Denver, Colo.

There are two things that are continually gnawing at me.

First, leave the game alone. There is no other league that continually looks to make major changes every season other than the NHL. Others simply look to tweak a rule here and there.

The reason fans get frustrated so often is simple: you have to reprogram your brain annually because someone thought they should change the game – again.

Second, if the players and owners cannot figure out to way to avoid a strike/lockout next year then I quit being a fan.

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I have been a hockey fan since I was a small child and have had it with hearing about the CBA. I have defended hockey to any and all comers, but to hear about labor issues constantly and to have another possible work stoppage is too much. I will cancel my Center Ice package and my subscription to THN, stop going to games and probably never watch another highlight clip again.

These millionaires and billionaires have taken advantage of me one too many times.