Lombardi’s kindness makes impact

Darryl Robinson, Calgary

On Saturday, Oct. 10th, my wife, 15-year-old son and I went to the home opener of the Phoenix Coyotes.

Even though it was a very entertaining game with the Columbus Blue Jackets winning 1-0, it was what happened after the game that made an impact.

We were driving away from the Arena when we spotted a few kids getting autographs. My son asked if we could drive over an see some players.

As we drove up, we noticed the car that was just leaving after singing autographs was driven by former Flame Matthew Lombardi.

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Just as he was driving away, my son, being from Calgary and wearing his red Calgary Flames jersey, hopped out and called to him for an autograph.

Not only did Lombardi stop and back up after seeing his jersey and hearing his request, his wife offered to get out of the car and take a picture of my son and Lombardi.

This made his day and let all of us know what a great human being Matthew Lombardi is.

We need more role models like him who take the time to acknowledge their fans. Thank you, Matthew.