Look for yourself in this amazing zoomable image from the Winter Classic

Did you attend the Winter Classic in Ann Arbor, Michigan? If so, try to spot yourself in this 26 billion pixel zoomable image. You can tag yourself like thousands of other history-making fans already have.

Interested in seeing yourself shivering in the Big House stands for the New Year’s Day Winter Classic? If you were there, check out this
panoramas website and identify yourself. Thousands of others have already done that and you can see they’ve tagged themselves. The panoramic image is a 26 billion pixel zoomable shot that includes almost all of the 105,000-plus faces that attended the game in Ann Arbor, Mich. I was fortunate enough to attend the game with my boss and our spouses. It was a terrific couple of days. Editor-in-chief Jason Kay came over to my desk in earnest this morning asking me if I had any luck spotting us on the zoomable image. Like JK, I spent a few minutes honing in on section 26, row 72, seats 22 through 25.
Empty! Tons of fans around us, but clearly a vacant patch of seats in that area. Then I scrolled over to the big screen in the south end zone of the Big House stadium. It showed 17:53 remaining in the first period of a scoreless, shot-less game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings. Doh! The four of us arrived at our seats about a minute later. We had spent two-and-a-half hours on a bus from the Detroit Marriott Renaissance to the Big House parking lot. It’s a commute that normally takes less than 45 minutes. Blowing snow and tens of thousands of cars coming in from the east will do that. Then we had to wait fives of minutes in the concourse area while the mass of humanity filtered into the stadium. Going back to the image, I checked again in section 25 and 26 for us filing in near the stairs, but we weren’t there either. But I did see the two Red Wings fans my wife and I sat behind. They were two of the hundreds of members of the Zetterberg and Datsyuk family who took in the game. Here’s a shot of them I took from our seats. Then there’s the big dude behind us who spent most of the game smoking and spewing fumes our way. Here’s there, too.
Zett:Dats Boy, do people ever look cold. Truthfully, the chill never really got to me. I sent a note to James at to see if there were any other 26 billion pixel zoomable images taken at other times during the game, but I haven’t heard back from him. I know there were thousands of other Winter Classic spectators who were also late for the game for the same reason we were. I’m sure they will be disappointed not to see themselves as well. Monitor my twitter account for any updates. For those who can spot themselves, way to go. You were part of hockey history and there’s photographic proof.
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