Loose Change: Dear John

Dear Canada John,

Hi. It’s me.

These letters keep getting harder to write all the time. The short break from each other we started seems to be getting longer and longer all the time. So much has happened between us recently. I admit that New York fling, way back when, was just me intoxicated by the bright lights, the romance and the smooth talkers. I mean, even you said you felt something there.

Then I suppose I was all over the map. It hurt a lot when you called me a “tramp,” but I guess it probably looked like that from your perspective. If it means anything I really thought the thing in Detroit was going to last (he even called me a couple of times this spring, but I don’t think he was really serious).

Now I’m probably more lost than I was before. I know you’ve talked about how much you want me back, and every so often I really want to believe you’re serious, but then it just fizzles out again. Before I just wanted to believe in you, but you tease me, get my hopes up and then the chances of us again, just disappear.

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By now I’m sure you know the Carolina thing didn’t work out. I know, I know. And Tampa, please don’t bring up Tampa – I know how wrong that was from the start and how he would never be able to do any of the things he promised. Maybe it was the sunshine. Maybe it was the sunshine. Maybe it was the unbridled enthusiasm. I don’t know. I just feel lost on the road and I don’t feel there’s anything to go back to anymore.

I’ve met someone from California now. I’ve never been with anyone from out here before and I’m excited and scared all at the same time. I see an honest energy and a sincere smile, but I’m really cautious. Perhaps this will be what finally gets you and I back together. I know how much you despise me being held and caressed and kissed by someone with that much of a tan.

Maybe see you soon.


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