Loose Change: Playing the angles

Team Canada GM Wayne Gretzky has added Matthew Barnaby, Rico Fata and Todd Gill to the prospective list for Turin, bring the roster total to 687. Gretzky is also trying to squeeze a 13th goalie onto the list, “y’know, in case of injuries”.

Rumors continue to persist that Florida Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo is headed to Anaheim. It’s just to see Disneyland on his day off, but stillÂ…

The Philadelphia Flyers have defenseman Joni Pitkanen’s injury listed as an athletic prubalgia, which I think is:
(a) an oversized ego
(b) a non-sexual swelling of that area
(c) an vegetable that’s good at sports

Martin Brodeur is to Scott Clemmensen as jet plane is to tricycle.

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Vancouver’s Anson Carter has been adopted as an honorary Swede and Sedin twin. For those of you who still have trouble telling the three of them apart, Daniel wears No. 22, Henrik is 33 and Carter is 77.

And truthfully, how much credence can you put into Dick Pound’s wild steroid accusations? All this from a guy who still chooses to use his porn name?

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