Loose Change: Trading Faces

The trade deadline has passed for another year and you knew it wouldn’t get by us without comment.

Looking at Montreal’s goaltending depth now, I see Switzerland and I see FranceÂ…

Not previously mentioned but also going to Colorado with Jose Theodore are three pairs of pruning sheers and a heavy-duty drain cleaner.

What you didn’t know about ex-Leaf defensemen Ken Klee is that he regularly kicked puppies and often stole blankets from street people.

Mike O’Connell has received a special commendation from Amnesty International for single-handedly reforming the prison system.

“Maple Leaf Railway Lines 1967, non-stop to Disgust, Despair and Oblivion, now boarding.”

Perennial All Star and world-class talent Jamie Lundmark is exactly what Calgary needs to boost its offensive scoring punch. His 38 goals and 52 assists will nicely compliment a player like Jarome Iginla. If Lundmark can burn up the NHL like he has Nintendo, this will be a steal for the Flames.

Jeff Friesen has a lot more Duck in him than he first thought. Every year around this time, he migrates back to the same Pond.

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Kris Beech and Oleg Kvasha: it’s never too late to consider DeVry.
Cory Cross? This is God. You owe me one.

Ladies and gentlemen, a lineup change for tonight’s production of The Silver Cup: the role of The Dominator will played by Ray Emery. Mike Morrison will play Patrick Lalime.

In case you hadn’t heard, Nashville has Witt (the hockey team, not the city)

Dwayne Roloson is to Ty Conklin as Cape Canaveral is to Kittyhawk.

Eric Weinrich will provide the Canucks with a solid puck-moving defenseman. Keith Carney adds two-way playoff experience on the blueline. Sean Brown has a nice smile.

The Maple Leafs organization may be depleted at forward, old in goal and deficient on defense, but their condos offer a beautiful view of the waterfront.

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